Saturday, April 9, 2016

What if?

35,000! That is the number of decisions an average person makes a day. Some casual some crucial. 

But when it comes to decision making should we trust our head or our heart?

And I am not talking about standing in line at Starbucks and having to decide whether you want that skinny caramel macchiato grande or venti.
I am talking about decisions like walking away from a job, or a lover or your home. I am talking about decisions that might change your life forever.

The scary part about decisions is that every decision is a leap of faith. Even if you think you know where it will lead you, you usually end up realizing that life is not meant to be that predictable. 

There are many people that will tell you not to base your decision making on your emotions. That might be true for some aspects of life, but isn't an emotion the purest instinct we have?

Sure you shouldn't decide to tell your boss that he can kiss your ass just because you are having a bad day at work and it might not be a wise decision to buy those 900 dollar shoes, despite the fact that you are still recovering from that last pair. 

But there are so many decisions that should solely be based on your emotions. Over thinking every move you make might save you a lot of trouble and heartache, but it will also keep you from living. 

What will happen to the career you have worked so hard for, all the places in the world you wanted to see, the people you wanted to meet and the memories you wanted to make?

And what about all the things you decided not to say? Like telling him you love him?

You can never know if the decisions you make will lead you down the road you want them to and you will never know how it will affect the life of the people around you, but nothing is worse than wondering what would have happened if you would have had the guts to step outside your comfort zone. 

I guess in the end it is all about deciding how far you are willing to go for what you want, and maybe that is the hardest decision of all...

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