Sunday, May 24, 2015

Why he is really a 14 year old girl

So we have all heard it, men don´t grow up and well, it is really not their fault. That´s just how it is.

Usually when this is said it is in regards to playing video games and living in a nasty ass bachelor apartment, where even the old piece of pizza under the couch is thinking about moving out.

But that can all be fixed, the real problem with some men and growing up is, that they have a sensitive ego of a f***ing 14 year old girl!

Those are the kind of “men“ that need constant attention. They need attention from their friends, they need attention from people they work with and please at least give them one, two, ten girls to flirt with or else their ego starts to crumble.

And it doesn´t even matter if they get that attention from real friends, it could be anybody. Those ten girls they are flirting with on Facebook, Snapchat or wherever, they don´t even need to be hot. Damn for all they care it could be an ugly ass ex they broke up with five years ago, as long as there is a woman out there telling them how great they are (and yes those ladies are just as bad).

Those “men“ will cut their friends off in the middle of a great story, because they have a better story to share. Trying to make themselves look better than others is what they live for.

Those “men“ need to constantly point out all the great things they think they have done in their lives and make sure to post every move on Facebook so their 2000 Facebook friends (that´s right 2000, because they add everybody they have ever bumped into at the grocery store and call them friends) know where they are going to be hanging out July 13th 2015. Like they think all the groupies are going to hop on a bus to go see them.

Those “men“ whether they are attractive or not feel like they are hot shit because remember they have these ten average looking and obviously confused women complementing them all the time.

And once they do actually start dating a woman, the fun goes on. Don´t you think all of a sudden they no longer need their fan base.

If you wanna be with a “man“ like that your gonna have to be his biggest fan. You need to be the leader of the fan community. You need to be wearing a f***ing shirt with his name on it. You need to constantly tell him how great he is, how good he looks, how smart he is, how proud you are to be his girlfriend. Shit, you are gonna have to fake orgasms so he feels like he´s got some balls.

But you are lucky because every relationship is a give and take and these men have plenty to give. They will give you a headache, they will throw a tantrum for you every time you dare to say anything that could be portrayed as the slightest bit of criticism. They will even give you the honor of watching them texting, posting and snapchatting all night.

Shout-out to all the women out there that stay with “men“ like that, you are screwed.

Those “men“ have nothing going for them. They are losers and they know it. They need constant attention because that is the only way they can feel like they really are somebody. They constantly need some kind of women around because they need to feel wanted. They need to point out how great they are because, well somebody has to do it. And they can not deal with criticism because deep down inside, they already know they suck.

A grown ass man doesn´t need to prove anything to anybody. That man can take criticism and live with it. That man doesn´t spend his time flirting with women that are average, because he is busy making sure the hot girl he is dating is having a good time.
A real man doesn´t waste his energy on making himself look better than other people and he sure as hell doesn´t feel the need to keep his 2000 “fans“ posted on his tour dates.

Being an attention seeking whore is not sexy, no matter how hot you are...

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