Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Don´t be a “chill girl“

Like it is not hard enough for a woman to just be herself, nowadays there are labels. The “good girl“,the “crazy bitch“ and now a younger sibling has been born, the “chill girl“.

For the ladies out there that have an opinion and don´t take shit from anyone, welcome to my group, the “crazy bitches“. For all the “chill girls“ out there, wtf is wrong with you? 

Chill means you don’t fight back. Chill means all guys will want to hang with you, and all the girls aren’t threatened by you. Chill can take it, but is too passive to dish it.
Those who want to earn that label don´t have  to do anything, all they need to remember is to chill, look pretty and smile.
Isn´t that precious, that is so drama free, so carefree, so peaceful and so f***ing boring!

Who wants to be around somebody that doesn´t give a shit about anything? Hello, would you please stop chilling and start living!
Nothing wrong with being laid back, but these girls that say “I just go with the flow“, what does that even mean. Sounds like a slogan straight out of a tampon commercial to me.

Don´t you have questions? Where is the flow coming from, where is it going, do I want to go there and who is on the flow with me?

And all these beautiful things you miss out on, like making decisions, being right, being wrong, having arguments and sarcasm.

How can you live without the beauty of sarcasm. Without sarcasm how would you politely tell somebody, who is not smart enough to understand, that he sucks at life?
Sarcasm kicks your inner girl off her precious pony and lets the women in you hop on to the high horse. And truth be told: She is mean, she is ugly, she is a judgmental bitch and she is f***ing hilarious.

Chill girls are always going to be girls, nobody is ever going to call them chill women, because a woman doesn´t blow smoke up your ass all day, she doesn´t have the patience to sugar coat everything for you, just to make you feel better about your life.

Chill girls can be cute all they want, but nobody is going to remember them.

The crazy bitches, those are the ones you will never forget...

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