Sunday, May 3, 2015


“Let´s stay friends!“...I can´t help it, but I have to throw up in my mouth every time I hear people say that, or talk about how they are still great friends with their exes.

NO, let´s totally not stay friends. Why would you want to stay friends? A relationship is 80 percent a friendship and 20 percent I want to push you against the wall and have sex with you.

Friends laugh about the same things, they hate the same people just because if one person hates somebody the other one automatically does too. Friends don´t judge you, they judge other people with you. Friends believe in you and give you the ability to believe in yourself.  Real friends will always be there for you, they never get tired of listening to your shit, they are just as wild and crazy as you and if you were to show up in front of their door with a dead body, they would not ask any questions, grab a shovel and follow you.

If your relationship is built on a friendship like that and you still occasionally push each other against the wall, then you would stay together.

So why act like you can be friends with somebody that you stopped being friends with in your relationship.

I´m not saying walk past him like you don´t know him and if you have kids together or financial ties, then you totally need to work together. But that has nothing to do with friendship, that just means having your shit together.

Most of the time when a man wants to stay friends with his ex, he was the one that was dumped and either he is just a super sensitive guy that really has a hard time getting over her, or he is suffering from a bad case of narcissism and just can not believe that there is a woman that does not want to be with him, so he feels the need to stay friends just to see how she is doing and prove to her that his life is great without her, hoping that she will come crawling back to him.

And there are plenty of women out there that stay friends with their exes, because they just desperately need attention from men (which a decent looking woman can get on every street corner) .They think if their narcissistic ex likes their pics on Facebook or sends them a text once in a blue moon, that must mean that he is still in love. When in all reality he is just f***ing bored out of is mind and he knows that you are stupid enough to entertain him.

So while you are still bullshitting around with your ex in the gray zone, you could be having a new guy pushing you against the wall....

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