Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Heat it up!

“Can you cook?“, “Do you like to cook?“, “How good can you cook?“.

When you meet a guy and you are going through the whole job interview like process of gettin to know each other at some point most of the men are going to ask you this question.

Either because he is the kind of guy, who loves to cook and so enjoys trying out new recipes with his lady (which I hate to say is not necessarily the manliest thing on earth), or it is because he really feels like he needs to make sure that in case things get serious, he won´t have to starve to death.

But seriously, is that so important to know when you first start going out with someone?

So what if I don´t like to cook? Is that a deal breaker? You are a single guy that lives alone and so far you actually managed to take in your 2000 something calories a day without having somebody around to feed you.

Every couple can survive just fine without having a chef on board. So when heating up the frozen dinners and cooking pasta get´s boring, then you can go enjoy some nasty, greasy fast food together or you can actually be a real old school gentleman and take her out on a fancy, I will hold the door and pull the chair out for you kinda dinner.

When it comes to a womens role are we really still so 1900s?

I mean not like women sit there on the first or second date asking, “So, do you plan on building us a house of sticks and straw so we can get our medieval fairy tale going?“.

How about asking what our favorite color is, so on the next date you can surprise us with some f***ing flowers in that color? How about asking what our favorite band is, so you can get some tickets and show a girl a good time?

Or how about totally living life on the edge and  just simply taking the risk tif falling  in love with a woman that might not like to cook?

You sure as hell won´t be seeing any  Beef Wellington on the dinner table any time soon and no Eggs Benedict in bed every Sunday, but isn´t it way better if she sticks a pizza in the offen and spends the rest of the evening hanging out with you.

Instead of wanting her to stand in the kitchen, you should be taking her to the bedroom...

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